Little Kitten Adventures



Little Kitten gets invited to a dress-up party! …although it won’t be that easy to get there, going through town is full of mishaps/accidents waiting to happen! Can you remember everything Little Kitten needs in his backpack so he makes it to the party safely? Don’t worry, if you forgot something Little Kitten will come back for your help and you can remove the cacti from his fur, patch his wounds, draw him a map, give him a costume or many other things, to get him there!


Special features:

*Choose your own path to the party, influencing the story-line on Little Kitten’s journey

*Memory: do you remember what Little Kitten needs in his backpack?

*Lots of fun costume items to mix and match to create your own costume with!

*Take funny photos with your favorite furry pal! He can sit on your shoulder, rub noses with you and more!

*7 Adorable mini games where you care for Little Kitten when things go wrong:

Cool his bumps and bandage him

shapes learning game: put the mixed up sweets back in the tray where they belong

show Little Kitten the way through the maze

wash off the mud and dry kitten with the towel

Give Little Kitten water and food when his tummy growls

*additional ‘Fleas’ bonus mini game coming soon for free!

*2 more wonderful mini games: ‘Cactus’ & ‘Rain’, extra Costumes and more Funny Photos available as in-app-purchases.

*Long-term rewards: every time you prevent things going wrong you earn a Golden Fish, with these you can access more great costumes like: Dinosaur, Safari-cat, Policeman, Lion & Super hero!


App Learning Aspects:

Memory element: costume rewards for remembering what Little Kitten needs to take.

Shapes challenge:

3 Mazes to get through

Creative Costume designing mini game

Hide&Seek costume accessories: check the cupboard doors, under the sink, find & collect lots of great extra items to dress up with! (coming soon)

Open play: Your child can decide how they want to play:

*The full Story Adventure – showing cartoon Little Kitten on his journey to the party

*No story – just enjoy interacting with Little Kitten, feeding him, dressing him up & taking photos with him.

Our philosophy: is not about winning, losing or competition, it’s about having fun in a child friendly environment and learning without even realizing it! Little Kitten Story Adventures offers children the possibility to play anyway they like, there are rewards whether they are successful …..